Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Alternative Cancer Treatment Experiences Blog Welcome

This blog is intended for all of us who wish to leave our impressions about experiences we have had with alternative cancer treatment. Most natural cancer treatment occurs at home, as we use natural supplements, foods, and self-directed alternative cancer therapies. Other times people seek care or advice at alternative cancer clinics, health food stores, or at one of a multitude of natural healers that now are found in every city.

I have been looking on the internet at websites that detail natural cancer treatment at alternative cancer clinics for personal reasons in my close family. It is confusing. I have found that several conventional hospitals such as www.Mayo.com (The Mayo Clinic) and Dana Farber are listed under alternative cancer treatment as a search phrase, as well as other websites such as www.isels.com, www.imunepromise.com, and www.aacancer.com that seem to be devoted only to alternative cancer therapy. But even they seem to say that in some instances they are not opposed to conventional therapy for malignancies.

Please tell us of your experiences with natural cancer treatment so that we can all share them with you!